Why Choose Chatgenie?

Easy Access

All you need is a social media page to seamlessly create your online store in Messenger, Instagram, Viber, GCash, and more. Your next sale is one click away on social media, messaging, mobile wallets, or live streaming apps. No coding experience required. Simply click here to learn how to set up your online shop for free. 

Fast Transactions

Streamline the process and start selling online with our unified dashboard. Manage inventory, display products, take orders, offer flexible payment options, automate deliveries, process refunds, and keep track of sales all on one easy dashboard.

Trackable Data

Take full control of your data, all on the same page. Managing your online shop has never been simpler with our unified dashboard that gives you access to Analytics as well.

Over 600% More Return on Ad Spent


Overall conversion rate



highest industry standard
conversion rate

Case Study: Vans Philippines Messenger Mini App


Achieved 207% more than
the target


Contribution of sales to each store location


Generated ₱917K of sales
With just ₱15k in Facebook Ads

2,500 +

businesses powered by ChatGenie

$ 3 Million

Over $3 Million GMV

70,000 +

unique transactions

Beyond convenience and accessibility, our platform also offers results. Every dollar of ad you spend on ChatGenie Sales Channels returns over 600% more value compared to other eCommerce channels. Our overall conversion rate is up to 27% while the highest industry standard remains at 4%.

With ChatGenie, you can sell 6 times more compared to other eCommerce channels.

AImprove Selling on Facebook and Messenger with ChatGenie Copilot

Let an AI assistant tag along by drafting and implementing your Facebook and Messenger strategy with insights from your social media content, customer interactions, ad campaigns, store content, and actual transactions.


*Please note that this version is a beta release and may still be subject to changes and improvements. Your feedback is valuable to us as we work towards enhancing your experience.

Copilot designs the AI to role-play your Target Audience Profile

What sets ChatGenie Copilot apart from other AI Tools is that all content generated includes the business's Target Audience Profile in mind. With the Target Audience Profile as the center of your marketing material and strategy, ChatGenie Copilot reduces the guesswork in anything you do when you promote and sell on Facebook and Messenger. 

How AI can Role-play your Target Audience Profile and Why it matters

Effortless Data-Driven Target Audience Profiling

ChatGenie Copilot generates your Target Audience Profile automatically*. ChatGenie Copilot taps into your dashboard metrics, social media activity, and customer feedback, translating data into information that describes your target audience profile.

Target Audience Profile Appeal Scoring

Understand your audience’s preferences precisely with the Target Audience Profile Appeal Scoring. This tool scores your content from 1 to 100, identifying improvement areas to ensure your promotions and offerings align closely with audience expectations.

Quality Assurance with Every Copilot Suggestion

Guarantee the relevance of your content and automation implementations. The Target Audience Profile Agent doubles as a QA check, refining Copilot's advice to ensure promotions and offerings always resonate with customers.

Effortless Comment Auto-Reply Implementation

ChatGenie Copilot enhances your engagement by dynamically assigning tailored replies with your product links based on your latest posts and user comments. It detects new posts to update auto-reply strategies, ensuring every interaction reflects current offerings and customer intent.

Post and Run

ChatGenie Copilot configures auto-replies with responses and product links matched to your posts and identifies purchase intent in user comments.

Campaign Awareness

ChatGenie Copilot automatically updates follow-up notifications on Messenger to include your latest campaign messages or voucher discounts, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Ad Campaign Compatible Engagements

Users showing strong purchase intent can be retargeted through your ad campaigns on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Discover the Advantages of ChatGenie Copilot

Optimized Checkout Experience

Provide seamless purchase journeys that adapt to individual shopper history, product interaction, and promotions within conversations on Messenger and Instagram.

Effortless Smart Response:

Transform customer engagement with auto-replies that are intelligently tailored to reflect the context of posts, queries, product details, and available deals.

Targeted Campaign Enhancement

Let the Copilot draft ad campaigns with learnings from CAPI and Pixel data, analyzing customer journey nuances from browsing to purchase for maximized ROI.

Copilot’s AI-driven tools crafted for your business expansion:

Product Description Generator

Creates product descriptions.

Comment Auto-Reply Configuration

Offers automated response suggestions.

Creative Content Recommendations

Propose content strategies.

Product Suggestions for Public Comments

Recommends products in public comment replies.

Ad Campaign Configuration Recommendations

Advises on ad campaign settings.

Weekly In-App Store Performance Reports

Provides store performance insights.

Campaign Calendar Recommendations

Suggest marketing activity schedules.

Shop Intent Flow Responses

Generates tailored responses based on shopping intent.

Generate Welcome and Greeting Messages

Recommend Welcome and Greeting Messages aligned with the Brand's tone.

While social media sales outperform other channels, they demand constant engagement. ChatGenie Copilot is your answer to maintaining a competitive edge with minimal effort.

Simplifies and automates, turning interest into sales with smart checkout flows and AI-powered support designed to make your social commerce thrive.