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Welcome to a new era of online earning and engagement as an affiliate on Facebook. Just like TikTok Shop Affiliate, ChatGenie In-App Affiliate is paving the way for a new and exciting approach to commerce inside Facebook.

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Boost Your Earnings

Tap into the vast Facebook user base and turn your audience into paying customers. With our social commerce tools, you can amplify your revenue streams like never before.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate your product showcase and product promotions within the social experience. Your audience won’t just browse; they’ll buy, driven by the convenience of shopping directly from their feeds -all within the Facebook ecosystem.

Shop the Feed

Convert your followers into shoppers with the ability to purchase products featured in your content. Elevate their shopping journey by eliminating unnecessary steps.

Collaborate with Brands

Forge partnerships with brands and products you’re passionate about. Leverage your influence to create impactful campaigns and earn a commission from each sale.

Engagement that Converts

Leverage the power of social interactions. With features like live shopping and interactive posts, you can inspire action, answer questions, and drive sales in real-time.

More Channels, More Opportunities

Re-post your content from other social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and increase your revenue potential.

Over 5,000 Merchants

Over $8M GMV

Over 230K Unique

Merchants are starting to use ChatGenie to sell online and their customers are loving it.

Maximizing our Facebook audience by directly converting them to paying customers

MIni-App Conversion Rate: 5%
vs Online: 0.87%

Over 30,000+ additional leads generated outside BAU channels

61% of conversions are driven by organic, non-paid sessions

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