Sell smarter inside Messenger!

Make your Messenger an online store in an instant with ChatGenie! With our platform, you can let customers browse, add to cart, checkout, pay, and arrange for delivery - without leaving your messages.

The full shopping experience — possible on Messenger.

Here’s a preview of what your Messenger In-App store will look like

Shopping made simple

The Menu option is where shoppers can look at the items in your catalog. Items can be viewed according to category and filtered based on price.

Easy ordering

The Cart option shows items ready for checkout and includes an order summary.

Quick checkouts

Customers can save their customer details for quicker checkouts for the next order.

Quick checkouts

Customers can save their customer details for quicker checkouts for the next order.

Set it up in minutes.

You can either set up your store yourself or ask one of our ChatGenie Experts to do it for you! Learn more about that option here.

Sign in and create your In-App store

First, go to ChatGenie and sign up. Sign in with Facebook. After signing in, choose what Facebook Page you want to connect with your ChatGenie In-App store. After connecting your Facebook Page, go to the My Mini Apps portion of your dashboard and click the CREATE MINI APP button. You can choose between two product bundles: the eCommerce B2C Bundle or the Shopify Bundle. If you don’t have a Shopify store, choose the eCommerce B2C Bundle and continue the steps here to create your In-App store.

Create categories and upload products

After creating and customizing your In-App store, you can start adding categories and creating products. Differentiating your categories can organize your products and help customers find exactly what they want to buy without having to browse through all your offerings. You can either create categories and upload products while creating your Mini App now or later on, through your ChatGenie Dashboard.

Customize your In-App store and set it up

After adding categories and products, go straight to configuring your Mini App Settings like Shipping, Promos, Payment Options, and more. After you’ve set all your configurations to your choosing, you can finally click Launch Your Mini App. Your In-App Online Store is ready!

For more details, visit our comprehensive setup guide here.

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